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CAD Modeling

CAD modeling is the foundation upon which the virtual/digital prototyping process is built. CAD models provide the geometry to enable analysis to be undertaken, tool paths for manufacturing to be created as well as the visualising and final documentation of designs. CAD models can range from the simple combinations of geometric shapes to highly complex surfaces, solids and assemblies.

Engineering Graphics and Design can provide CAD modeling services to suit all your CAD modeling requirements for design visualisation, CAE /CAM applications, solid modeling, assemblies and surfacing.

Engineering Graphics & Designs has extensive expertise in the following CAD software


Autodesk Inventor

Geomagic (formerly Alibre)


The images from the design visualisation page were all based on CAD models produced by Engineering Graphics & Design. A selection of screen shots from various Engineering Graphics & Design CAD models can be viewed on the thumbnail images below.

CAD model 1 CAD model 2 CAD model 3 CAD model 4 CAD model 5 CAD model 6 CAD model 7 CAD model 8 CAD model 8

CAD model 9 CAD model 10 CAD model 11