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Design Visualisation

The design visualisation services provided by Engineering Graphics & Design brings your ideas to life and communicates your design intentions in the best possible light. A rendered model of your design proposal or concept has significant visual and presentation impact, it brings out the 'wow' factor. Ideal for concept presentations, design reviews, advertising material, technical brochures and manuals, publications and illustrations.

Examples of design visualisation carried out by Engineering Graphics & Design can be viewed on the following thumbnail headings

Bicycle Model
This model was prepared to showcase what can be achieved using design visualisation. The design intent is effectively communicated and the concept/idea is brought to life. Design visualisation is ideal for concept and product demonstrations, advertising material, illustrations for technical brochures and manuals, wherever ideas need to be communicated and visual impact needs to be made. Click on the thumbnail images below for a larger image.

Bicycle image 1 Bicycle image 2 Bicycle image 3 Bicycle image 4 Bicycle image 5 Bicycle image 6 Bicycle image 7 Bicycle image 8Bicycle image 9
Slot Car Model
Design visualisation, putting flesh on the bones of your ideas. Perfect for advertising material, technical literature, publications, presentations, concept demonstrations etc. The images say it all as can be seen in the following images of a slot car produced by Engineering Graphics & Design. Click on the thumbnails images below for a larger image.

Slot car image 1 Slot car image 2 Slot car image 3 Slot car image 4
Stanley Wood Plane
A Stanley wood plane model. Design visualisation communicates the appearance, finish and detail of the classic carpenters hand tool. Click on the thumbnail images below for a larger image.

Stanley plane image 1 Stanley plane image 2
Spark Plug Model
Some industrial still life using design visualisation and the humble spark plug as subject material. Click on the thumbnail below for a larger image.

Spark plug model
Kitchen Layout
This project was for a client that wanted to fit a new dishwasher/sink arrangement to their older style existing kitchen. A new cupboard was designed to suit the constraints of the existing plumbing arrangements. A number of visualisations of the finished installation was provided to allow the client to asses the ideal dishwasher/sink/ tap set/cupboard arrangement.

Kitchen image 1 Kitchen image 2 Kitchen image 3 Kitchen image 4