Design Visualisation - CAD Modeling - Mechanical Design & Drafting for the Design Engineering, Product Development & Manufacturing Industries
Mechanical Design & Drafting

Engineering Graphics & Design is well placed to provide a mechanical design and drafting/engineering drawing capability for your projects. Engineering Graphics & Design can undertake the following:

  • General mechanical design
  • Underwater housings and canisters a specialty
  • Engineering drawing/drafting production/documentation
  • Formal documentation of your ideas/concepts by means of a detailed engineering drawing.
  • Converting your paper based 2d drawings and designs into a CAD based 2d or 3d format.

Design work undertaken at Engineering Graphics & Design is undertaken by a degree qualified mechanical engineer with an engineering trade background and extensive experience in the engineering field.

Examples of mechanical design work carried out by Engineering Graphics & Design can be viewed on the following thumbnail headings

Emergency Landing Light
A solar powered emergency landing light for use in remote airstrips has been developed by a locally based company.
The plastic/acrylic housing in which is mounted the solar panel, associated electronics and lighting elements was designed by Engineering Graphics & Design. Click on the thumbnail images below for a larger image

Landing light 1 Landing light 2
Reusable Formworking System
The building and construction industries make extensive use of treated plywood for constructing formwork for concrete construction. A Sydney based company has looked at developing a new reusable formworking system that could be used in conjunction with the traditional plywood construction method. The reusable system was based on a plastic panel that used a special pin fitting that allowed large areas of panels to be both rapidly assembled and disassembled.

Engineering Graphics & Design was involved in preparing initial concept designs, design visualisation graphics and engineering drawings for the reusable form working system project. Images of some of the system components and assemblies can be seen in the images below.

Formwork image 1Formwork image 2 Formwork image 3 Formwork image 4
Rail Light
Engineering Graphics & Design has been involved in the design of a guards light for use on suburban rail carriages. The light assembly design was required to be able to dissipate the heat build up from the lights LED lighting elements so extended cooling surfaces  were a feature of the design. A number of variations of the design were generated, these can be seen on the thumbnail images below.

Rail light image 1 Rail light image 2
Underwater Switch
An initial concept design has been carried out by Engineering Graphics & Design for an electrical switch that has been designed for underwater/submerged environment. The switch uses a unique magnetic sensing element that provides reliable operation of the switch in an extreme operating environment. Click on the thumbnail images below for a larger view.

Underwater Switch 1 underwater Switch 2
Engineering Drawing/Drafting
Engineering Graphics & Design provides an engineering drawing/drafting production and documentation capability to attend to your all your engineering/design documentation requirements. Some examples of our work are as shown on the thumbnail images below.

Flange housing Meter body Propellor